Q4 Deal Close Crunch

It’s finally Q4 2020! What a year, right?  If you’re a CEO, business owner, or you lead a B2B sales team, you want to ensure that the deals in the pipeline will close in Q4.  Here are four questions I recommend you ask your sales reps to determine the quality of the leads currently in … Read more

What Changes Do You Need To Make?

New Thinking Whatever activities we did to get a new client in the past, we’re going to have to increase the volume of that activity to get the same new customer, right? For many of us, the Total Addressable Market has shrunk these days. So there’s fewer prospects out there. But there’s the same amount … Read more

If We Do Nothing

This message is for small to mid-sized B2B companies whose sales leaders, sales managers, and sales directors are looking for options and solutions to improve the results of their sales team.

5 Things Sales Managers Should Consider When Their Sales Team Needs To Work Remote

How to get startedThese days, many sales leaders are actively engaged with how to run an effective sales team with remote employees.Particularly in B2B sales, though, many sales teams have always been remote. This was especially true when customers and prospects expected sales professionals to meet them at their office location. So the good news … Read more

A Pain-Free Process To Get Sales Referrals

The power of happy customers Referrals from satisfied customers are an exceptionally effective approach to acquiring more sales opportunities. Getting a professional introduction from a satisfied customer to a colleague that knows and respects the person introducing you reduces sales cycle times and greatly increases the chances of gaining new business. The referral could be to someone in … Read more

The 4 Pillars of Sales Leadership Success

Want to remember the key points of PERK? Download this useful checklist. Print it out, hang it up, or just keep it in a folder of useful reference info. DOWNLOAD Sales leadership is an extremely important skill. I want to stress the fact that it is a skill, and a learned behavior. As you might guess, just … Read more

Bear Staffing Case Study

Our company has ambitious growth targets. Innovo Sales developed and implemented a proven sales playbook strategy and actionable plans, leveraged by technology integration, and hands-on sales leadership to get us on track to meet and exceed our sales goals.- Gary Johnson, Executive Vice President, Bear Staffing Services, Inc.GoalBear Staffing focuses on hiring and placing employees … Read more

How To Use The Time Suck Calculator

Not enough time for selling? Find out why! Get the FREE Time Suck Calculator to measure and understand your team’s sales productivity.

How To Increase Sales by Decreasing Non-Sales Activities

It’s no secret: salespeople spend too much time on non-sales activities. According to the Alexander Group, salespeople only spend 36% of their time selling.Of course, no one wants this—not management, and certainly not salespeople. The more “at bats”, the higher number of potential sales. To have meaningful change, invest some time to objectively view the current sales … Read more

How to Create a Sales Growth Engine

Learn how you can combine sales platforms to drive more sales