Sales Organization Turnover Tidal Wave

In 2021, we’re expecting a tidal wave of sales organization turnover. As sales leaders we need to be prepared, and perhaps take advantage of this dynamic as well.

SalesTech – What Works In the New Normal

For many, the whole concept of sales tech can be somewhat overwhelming and complex. We’ve curated a preferred salestech stack that meets the criteria of being effective, relatively easy to use, and affordable.

The Benefits of Having a Well-Considered and Effective Sales Prospecting Strategy

To be an effective sales leader, it’s not about your experience and talents as a salesperson. It’s about your ability to provide a clear process, the tools to be successful, and the ability to effectively convey that to your sales sales team. By doing that, you’re going to generate a number of benefits.

Common Organizational Weaknesses

Sales leaders need to arm their team with real knowledge, real actionable intelligence, so that they can figure out and know before they hit the street, or jump on the phones, or get on a Zoom meeting.

Q4 Deal Close Crunch

It’s finally Q4 2020! What a year, right?  If you’re a CEO, business owner, or you lead a B2B sales team, you want to ensure that the deals in the pipeline will close in Q4.  Here are four questions I recommend you ask your sales reps to determine the quality of the leads currently in … Read more

What Changes Do You Need To Make?

New Thinking Whatever activities we did to get a new client in the past, we’re going to have to increase the volume of that activity to get the same new customer, right? For many of us, the Total Addressable Market has shrunk these days. So there’s fewer prospects out there. But there’s the same amount … Read more