The 5 Key Traits of Highly Successful Sales Teams

Take a look at the top performing sales organizations in your industry, and I bet you’ll notice a distinct vibe about them – they carry themselves differently from your “average” sales team and have a demeanor that just feels…different.

Here’s the secret: there are five game-changing traits that can transform the average sales team into an absolute powerhouse.

4 Critical Steps for Realistic 2024 Sales Planning

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The time when we wrap up the remainder of 2023 with a nice little bow, and CEOs and executives start talking about “the number” for 2024.

If you’re the head of sales, you already know what gift you can expect from company leadership heading into the holidays. A shiny new sales number for 2024 that makes you scratch your head and think:

“Where did they come up with that?”

Cracking the Code: 4 Steps for Accurate Sales Predictions

In the high-stakes world of sales, where every deal counts and uncertainty is the enemy, mastering the art of accurate sales forecasting is your secret weapon. Top-performing sales managers are 52% more likely to excel at planning and analyzing how team members should manage their pipelines

Sales Organization Turnover Tidal Wave

In 2021, we’re expecting a tidal wave of sales organization turnover. As sales leaders we need to be prepared, and perhaps take advantage of this dynamic as well.

SalesTech – What Works In the New Normal

For many, the whole concept of sales tech can be somewhat overwhelming and complex. We’ve curated a preferred salestech stack that meets the criteria of being effective, relatively easy to use, and affordable.

How to Create a Sales Growth Engine

Learn how you can combine sales platforms to drive more sales