Sales Assessment

Every company wants their sales to be better, but don't always have the time, resources, and experience to do so. We help you evaluate your company's readiness to meet your sales objectives.

How do you know if you need a sales assessment?

If you've experienced any of these issues, a comprehensive, organized sales assessment can identify not only the "pain points", but a path towards a solution as well.

  • Inconsistent ability to “make the numbers”
  • Inefficient sales team structure
  • Lack of a formal sales process
  • Inability to accurately forecast future sales
  • High turnover of sales personnel or inability to find the best salespeople
  • Compensation plan that doesn’t result in the desired behavior
  • Inability to penetrate new markets or introduce new products to existing markets
  • Can't track activity and crucial client information
  • Not able to effectively articulate the value proposition, solution, or service
  • Sales leadership lacks the ability to coach and fine tune sales performance

Sales Questionnaire

Our proven methodology works closely with your senior management team to provide an objective assessment of the key drivers of sales organization productivity through a comprehensive evaluation. 

This multiple-choice questionnaire will address four key areas specific to the sales function of your company. Points are given based on each response, with 400 total points possible.

The responses will provide a high-level baseline of competencies and uncover areas that may warrant further investigation. 

Stakeholder Interviews

Using the data collected in the questionnaire phase as a foundation, the next step is a series of one-on-one interviews with relevant stakeholders within the organization. This allows us to dig deeper, especially around critical areas that surfaced in the initial responses.

Everyone in an organization has valuable insights and wisdom derived from their unique vantage point. But employees are often reluctant to speak "truth to power", especially when it's the person that signs their paycheck. The stakeholder interviews often help create a "corporate confessional", generating a supportive listening environment so people feel safe and empowered to candidly share their thoughts and ideas.

Here we'll uncover the nuances of how the organization truly operates, which often does not reflect the org chart. We'll explore how decisions are really made, where bottlenecks are occurring, and discover untapped opportunities for growth.

Sales Effectiveness Report

After analyze the quantitative and qualitative data, we create a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your readiness to meet your sales objectives.

The Sales Effectiveness Report includes a prioritized action plan with sales performance improvement recommendations. You will have a clear road map for what steps to take next, and why. 

We'll walk through this report together in a workshop meeting so you can ask questions, discuss the topics addressed, and shape a plan going forward.

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