About Innovo

Who we are

We are highly-experienced sales leaders who are passionate about providing business owners with the hope and freedom they deserve. Hope that the future looks much different than their present, and the freedom that comes from not being tied to their business. This stems from our ability to:

  • Develop your sales strategy
  • Build your sales process
  • Execute the plan

What makes Innovo different

When your company’s sales are down, you don’t need advice, you need results. At Innovo, we help you DO the things other consultants only recommend. Consultants . . . well, they consult. We are Builders. Yes, we provide strategy and recommendations, but we can also:

  • Hire the necessary sales resources
  • Write your compensation plans
  • Customize your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
  • Develop your sales pipeline and forecasting systems
  • Even manage your sales team 

That is what makes Innovo different!

Mike Jewett, CEO - Horizon Bradco

What makes Innovo qualified to help you?

It is almost impossible to be an expert in all disciplines. Who among us is an expert at Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and IT?

At Innovo, we are an expert in Sales. Period.

Our sales advisors have an average of 25 years of experience running national or international sales teams in multiple industries. We apply the sales best practices we have acquired running some of the largest organizations in the world to your business. You need to run your business, let us run your sales team. We build the proper sales foundation to drive sales growth for years to come!

How to Create a Sales Growth Engine

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