Why Doing Your Research Homework Will Get Your Company More Sales

Why sales research matters

Sales leaders need to arm their team with real knowledge, real actionable intelligence, so that they can figure out and know before they hit the street, or jump on the phones, or get on a Zoom meeting.

It’s important that they’re targeting the right kind of companies, and understand what’s happening in the markets of those companies.

If you help them, and you actually do some homework, you can uncover some unique things that are happening in the marketplace and position your company to be the best unique resource to support your prospects’ problems and solve those issues.

Getting to the ideal prospects

The second thing is that we want to make sure that your sales team is focused on the ideal prospects.

The action item for this is to get on the internet and start doing some research on your markets and on your industry. Of course there are industry blogs, and mailing lists for different associations in your specific industries.

Ultimately your aim is to learn:

  • What is happening
  • What are the dynamics
  • Where are these markets going? 
  • How is it impacting your customers and prospects?

The extra step

This is that extra step that most sales people don’t do. If they want to be successful, which helps you be successful, you have to both do it yourself, as well as advocate for your team to do it.

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