Sales Organization Turnover Tidal Wave

Guess what B2B Sales Leaders, the surf is up!

That’s right, in 2021 we’re expecting a tidal wave of sales organization turnover, you may have already started to feel it. The bottom line is that as sales leaders, we need to be prepared. In fact, if we do a really good job, we can actually take advantage of this dynamic that’s happening.

But first of all, what is going on?

Changes for both buyers and salespeople

According to the Workforce Institute 2021 Engagement and Retention Report 52% of employees in 2021 plan to look for another job. 

Additionally, McKinsey did a study to understand what B2B decision makers prefer when it comes to interacting with their peers, sales reps, colleagues and suppliers. It turns out that 79% actually prefer video conferencing over face to face meetings, emails and phone calls.

The other reality is, some professionals are simply burnt out. They’re ready for a change, perhaps something different to make a fresh start after the struggles of 2020.

And lastly, here’s the other reality. At Innovo, we work with many clients to help them change how they approach the market—because their customers and prospects have certainly been changing their buying habits. As a result, we’re actually realizing the benefits of some of these changes that we made, their sales are up. 

This has resulted in not only potentially replacing salespeople that left, but we’re actually adding new positions. As a sales leader, you want to be focused on making sure that your teams have what they need, when they need it, and are prepared for success.

3 action steps

Here are 3 things that are going to impact us and what we need to be cognizant of and take action around. 

1. Taking care of our top performers
Are they happy? Are they focused? Are they motivated? Are they challenged? All of that is your job.

2. Doing more recruiting and interviewing
I realize it takes away from selling and managing time, but this is the reality of the current environment. 

3. Doing more onboarding of new hires
In addition to getting replacement hires up to speed, you may also be training new positions as well. When Innovo reviewed the sales processes for one of its clients, we actually wound up adding other positions that weren’t there before, such as inside sales. 

Have a plan

All of these new people need to have a very clear, productive, organized onboarding plan to make sure that they hit the ground running and deliver the results that we need. B2B sales leaders should plan to address this sales organization tidal wave. It’s going to happen…so it’s smart to plan ahead for it.

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